Wrap It Up


When designing for one of downtown Kansas City's most beloved mexican restaurants, Valaroza and the Wrap it Up team both wanted to retain the family-run atmosphere, while updating their brand to stay current with modern branding guidelines.


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Website Design
Logo Design
Package Design
Social Media Marketing


Combination Mark

Wrap it Up had relied previously on the text logo provided by the previous owners of the company up until their 2019 rebranding. We worked to provide Wrap it Up with a simple, unique, - and most importantly - memorable combination mark logo that conveyed a sense of professionalism and seriousness to both past and potential new customers.

The primary logo was designed in a way that allowed for tremendous versatility. Due to the nature of Wrap it Up's business, the combination mark was meant to be used in both large and small forms - on window signs, menus, brochures, websites, business cards, t-shirts, packaging and more.


What is a restaurant brand without a memorable and lovable mascot? While the Wrap it Up mustache may not feature the anatomical components one might expect, the simplified version of the restaurant's logo provides a cute and brandable component that truly sets the tone for the dining experience. A friendly and familiar logo piece conveys a sense of trustworthiness and memorability.



Menu Designs

Wrap it Up had previously relied on a single overhead sign to showcase their many fan-favorite meal options. Together, we were able to work hand-in-hand with the owners to create a simplified menu that covered all of their traditional tex mex staples - and present them in two separate menus, one for breakfast and one for lunch (with each being offered at the appropriate time of day). The result was a convenient and easy-to-read menu that encouraged effortless decision-making and reduced line wait times for customers.

We set Wrap it Up with a direct line to a quality/affordable printer to ensure that they always had take-home menus on hand, a necessity for a restaurant in the heart of downtown Kansas City's bustling business district.


Wrap it Up required a small variety of different menus for various occasions (both of different offerings and different sizes). The restaurant offers 3 rotating menus: breakfast, lunch and weekends. The most convenient solution for the owners was a rotation of 3 separate menu printings, which can be cycled around or handed out as needed.

Having multiple form-factor choices was also essential. For certain situations, such as potential catering clients, a one-size-fits-all menu was ideal (laying out any/all menu options). The restaurant also features a large 40 inch hard-backed foamboard menu in the front street-facing window.


Business Cards

Networking has become a huge part of Wrap it Up's business model. Being in the heart of Downtown Kansas City has made the restaurant a staple in the catering world. With clean and branded business cards, the owners are able to easily hand off their information in a moment's notice. These connections within the downtown business district can be worth hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in a single order.


Given the pocket form-factor of business cards, and the wide variety of unique networking situations the owners may find themselves in, we designed the cards in a way that the reverse (name-facing) side was easily modifiable. We have since printed multiple variants - many of which promote different sales/services that the restaurant is exploring (catering, dinner specials, hiring, etc).



Wrap it Up's new downtown location puts them in the heart of the historic 9th street district among a sea of beautiful office and residential buildings. We knew how vitally important it was to create an eye-catching window hanging to attract new attention to what had previously been a furniture showcase retail spot that blended in to the surrounding spaces.


During this initial setup period, the Wrap it Up team was incredibly busy overseeing the initial buildout of the restaurant space. Valaroza handled not only the design of the branded vinyl window decals - but also the printing and installation. Our team coordinated with a local vinyl printshop and ensured a quick and quality finish.



Wrap it Up's web presence had been virtually non-existent, and to our team's delight the owners were fully prepared to embrace a voyage in to the unknown. We discussed the importance of a web-based menu AND an online ordering system, which we helped set up through the use of their existing point of sale systems.


Wrap it Up had previously suffered from a lack of attention on their digital side, which resulted in a number of outdated/incorrect menus circulating around various websites (such as Yelp). Together we were able to carry over their simple and easy-to-read menu to the digital side of things - and update these older/inaccurate online menus.


The restaurant re-opened with their new branding at the end of 2019, just weeks before the COVID-19 shutdowns. It became immediately apparent the importance of an online ordering system where customers could make purchases online for curbside pickup, to avoid unnecessary person-to-person interaction. Valaroza worked with Wrap it Up's existing Point of Sale system to generate a reliable and easy-to-use solution that would allow them to continue to stay open and profitable, without losing a cut to companies like Uber Eats and Postmates.


Social Templates

A significant part of our consultation and branding work with Wrap it Up involved conveying the importance of a social media presence. Valaroza worked alongside the owners to create an easily replicable set of brand guidelines to use in their future social media posts.


The owners were trained extensively on various social media guidelines (such as navigating Facebook's ad text rule) and how to best promote their company while retaining a careful balance between professionalism and relatability. This included not only Facebook/Instagram, but the various online properties that the company would begin to utilize to more efficiently operate (such as GrubHub delivery, Square point-of-sale, etc).