$500 in Valaroza credit to every KS / MO business.

No strings attached. No purchase necessary.




What's the catch? + -

There is no catch. We mean it.

Who can claim the $500? + -

Anyone with a registered business in Kansas or Missouri.

What can I spend the $500 on? + -

Almost anything. Graphic design? Sure. Website design? Yes. Audio production? You bet.  Search engine optimization? Absolutely.

Produced materials (print, etc)? Unfortunately not.

Does it expire? + -

Yes. Projects must be submitted by 5:00 PM CST on October 31st. Projects submitted on or before the cutoff date will be completed, even if after the 31st.

Does it stack? + -

No. Two (or more) people may not “stack” their stimulus credits (to equal $1,000 or more worth of credit).

What happens to unspent credit? + -

The credit is applicable for only one project. “Remaining” credit does not roll over.

Claim your stimulus.