2023 And Me (You)


Unfortunately “2023 and You” doesn’t rhyme.

Anyway, it’s 2023 now! Very cool! 2022 surely had its ups and downs – and this new year will be no different — so I should probably skip the new years pep talk and jump right in to something of value:

Social Media in the New Year

You’ve heard it all before. “Social media is here to stay”, “social media can be daunting”, etc etc.

Unfortunately, it’s all true. Social media is constantly evolving, and for a business owner the thought of staying on top of it can be daunting.

While I don’t have the magic answer on how you can master social media solo while juggling every other aspect of your business (except for hiring a marketing company) – I can point you in the right direction in terms of which platforms are worth paying attention to in 2023.


Love it or hate it, Facebook remains at the top of the social media marketing totem pole. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a necessity when it comes to sharing updates about your business, interacting with customers and running targeted campaigns. Everyone and their grandma uses Facebook, so keep that in mind when posting.


Another part of the Facebook (Meta?) family, Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users – and while significantly lower than Facebook, it has become the go-to platform for visual content (an important distinction) — and also leans towards a younger audience. Instagram is a great platform to take advantage of if your business lends itself to a particularly appealing ✨ visual aesthetic ✨.


The undisputed champion when it comes to professionals and job seekers – LinkedIn remains the top choice (only choice?) when it comes to more safely (less annoyingly) reaching out to potential clients and partners. If you’re in a B2B industry, LinkedIn should be firmly seated at the top of your list.

And Finally, TikTok

While all of the aforementioned may seem obvious (they are), TikTok is is the exception on this list. It has exploded in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. While on the surface it may seem difficult to understand how it’d be possible to market your business on a short-form meme video-focused platform, the reality is that TikTok as a platform has become an increasingly valuable tool to creatively promote your products/services, even locally. It definitely requires a bit of forethought (maybe less than FB/IG/etc), but with a decent strategy TikTok can be a major tool in your arsenal.

Overall, the most important takeaway here is really that every business is different, and the platforms that are right for you will depend entirely on your goals and target audience. It’ll be interesting to watch how the social media landscape evolves over the next year – and my suggestion would be to keep your eyes peeled for newly emerging platforms, as this new year will surely bring some changes.

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