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Hey. If you’re here looking for an insightful, cohesive blog post about the benefits of internet marketing and the importance of quality web design – you’re probably in the wrong place. I mean, this is definitely where those posts would (and should?) live in the future — but we’re just now ramping up and for the sake of getting things started I thought it’d be best to post something. Unfortunately for me (or you, really) I’m not a planner, and I’ve got no real objective here other than to put up some fluff to generate some momentum. “Momentum for what?”, you ask? I don’t know.

What’s the point of a blog? Well, usually it’s just filler crap intended to get a website to pop up on Google. And yeah, we’re doing a little of that. But between you, me and the other several million people that have access to this site, it’s meant to serve two purposes: 1) educate and 2) demonstrate competence.

Like many of you, I am a young dinosaur and grew up in a time when getting online involved clogging up the phone line (until someone picked up the handset and it kicked you off). I grew up in a time when blogs mattered, and people actually read them! And if you’re still reading this, chances are you did too and because old habits die hard, and you’re also trying to cling on to the cozy feeling that blogs used to give you back in the day. That’s where hopefully I come in.

A concept I reference often during sales meetings (in the context of what we do here) is that the internet is absolutely flooded with wantrepreneurs that slap a “Marketing Expert” title in their Facebook bio and go around with their hand out trying to make a sale at the expense of a trusting business owner. The problem is that more often than not these people can’t usually deliver on what they promise, and the only thing they end up producing is a lifelong feeling of doubt and skepticism in the minds of their clients — which eventually (somehow) becomes my problem.

Every day I hear the same few things. “My last designer disappeared” and/or “I spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing and have nothing to show for it”. So not only is my job to produce great work — but it’s to put a bandaid on the boo-boo of the client that had a bad experience in the past just to get them to take another chance.

So back to my main point — what’s the purpose of this blog? Well, my hope is that over time as I get on here and rant a little bit about whatever I’m hyper-fixated on in that moment this blog will serve as a sort of monument of experience, to demonstrate to visitors that we’ve achieved at least a reasonable level of competence as a company. The other intentional/unintentional benefit is that hopefully I can pass down some knowledge and teach people a thing or two. Some of the content here will be directed at companies interested in marketing/website design/graphic design, and some of the content here will be directed at designers/artists – or even other agencies.

To make a long story short, my hope is that I can punch some stuff in to this side of our site every few days that defies what people have come to expect from blogs and break the mold of the typical unreadable junk intended to rank on Google.

Thanks for sticking it out. We’ll see where it goes from here.

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