Create memorable identity for a development project that is as unique as its one-of-a-kind design.

Epoch Developments presented us with the challenge of unboxing the identity of a development concept that Kansas City has never seen. A retail district built from recycled shipping containers. We knew we had to create an identity that was as fascinating and inspiring as the design behind it.


A unique concept requires a unique approach.

By recognizing each innovative feature of the development, we unpacked a unique identity that highlights the remarkable concept behind it. With the idea of creating something as typical as a shipping container into a whole ecosystem in mind, we borrowed characteristics of architectural design into the design of our website – pencil drawn lines of buildings and simple, matter-of-fact text/tone. The logo capitalizes on this with a bold M with a square design acting as a roof over the mark.

Website Design

Attracting the attention of potential tenants with an out-of-the-ordinary retail space.

For every business, location and style are crucial to the success of each of the retail locations. Valaroza overcame this challenge by creating a website that showcased the value behind the reinvented retail spaces. The website presented readily available information for the unique retail spaces while calling attention to the unsurpassable opportunity for prospective businesses.


What we used to
get it done.

Adobe Photoshop

WordPress CMS

Adobe Indesign


Adobe Illustrator