Set apart a small mexican eatery moving into the big, competitive world of downtown Kansas City restaurants and cafes.

Working with Wrap it Up!, we wanted to create a website that was pleasing to the customer eye along with a new menu look and logo in order to establish Wrap it Up! as the place to visit to satisfy any mexican food cravings. Wrap it Up! gains their confidence from only bringing the freshest ingredients to the table. Customer satisfaction is not only a guarantee, but the highest priority for the local restaurant. Founded by Roberto Vidal and Veronica Garcia, Wrap it Up! has focused on creating memorable experiences and making sure every customer leaves happy. In order to live up to the eatery’s values we wanted to design a website that is as welcoming and engaging as the tex mex joint itself.


Familiar and Friendly Service Right to Your Door

Wrap it Up!’s website goal was to bring a clear display of who they are while making it easy for customers to order or cater with just a couple of clicks. Only using 5 pages, one is easily able to read about Wrap it Up! while also being able to cater/order or contact with any questions or needs. Focusing on creating a warm online environment in order to match the message of the joint, we kept it simple, easy, clear, and cute.

Website Design

Iconic, Clear, Fun Display to Promote Individuality in the Competitive World of Food Service.

We set out to separate Wrap It Up from the crowd with casual and quirky design, a far cry from the cookie cutter, pompous branding one associates with downtown cafes. The iconic mustache of Wrap It Up was the final choice in the end – distinct, quirky, and fun, longtime and prospective patrons alike know what they’re getting themselves into at first sight.


What we used to
get it done.

Adobe Photoshop

WordPress CMS

Adobe Indesign


Adobe Illustrator