When Agape Brewing reached out to us in 2021, they described themselves as a small, woman-owned kombucha brewery with a dream of bringing change to the beverage industry with a focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability. From the start, we knew we were working with something special. Even with an emphasis on supporting vegans and the local community alike, Agape did not fall short when it came to flavor – we tried it ourselves.


Alongside reiterating the mission and purpose of their brand, a major need of Agape’s was setting up online ordering for their products. With a clear focus on the benefits and sustainability of their beverages and an easy-of-access flow for online ordering, Agape Brewing’s website is a solid, holistic hub dedicated to not just the why of their noble pursuit, but the how.


With Agape’s mission in mind, we set out to showcase their fervor to the world. We aimed to bring out this passion with simple, yet colorful iconography and stylish design of their products and packaging. For the variety of kombucha flavors Agape offers, individual designs are uniform in their layout and anything but in their coloring. Each flavor has a unique impression while still keeping a defined and consistent brand identity.


Overall, the goal with Agape's branding and all of the subsequent design collateral was to create an identity that was both unique and approachable. Kombucha has only recent begun to gain popularity across the general public, and our goal was to ensure that the new branding conveyed a sense of trust in the eyes of someone considering a new drink.


The Market Commons project was truly a joy to work on. Epoch Developments works tirelessly to reinvent and revitalize Kansas City’s urban core with exciting projects that benefit not only the local residents but also the visitors from surrounding areas. Their team has a clear vision of what Kansas City can and should be – and laser-like focus on. what their role needs to be to best help get there.

Because of this, the Epoch team is incredibly receptive to ideas and shared our team’s passion and excitement every single step of the way. Valaroza has long-since been situated firmly in the neighborhoods Epoch works within, and our team fully recognizes the tremendous value that the city in a while stands to gain from projects like these.

Our team sees projects like these as not only a client to add to our roster, but an incredibly valuable asset to the city we all personally call home. Being able to lend a hand to help these ideas come to life is incredibly rewarding.

We are very excited to watch Market Commons come to life.