Working Alone Sucks.

CoworkingKC was founded in 2018 to great initial success – quickly expanding to multiple facilities within a year of operation. When it came time to open their river market location in 2021, CoworkingKC tasked Valaroza with the rebranding of their facilities along with the launch and promotion of their newest office space.


A major hurdle to signing up for most coworking facilities is a lack of easy access to relevant information such as pricing, square footage, and photography of available spaces. Valaroza worked to subvert this with a smooth flow for website visitors, seamlessly transitioning from details on open offices and amenities to contact information and scheduling a tour


CoworkingKC aims to stand out amongst giants of the industry with a laser-focus on simplifying the coworking process, easing the burden of unnecessary procedures and contracts on tenants. Valaroza went out to enhance this image – striving for a simple look and transparent tone, the first impression of CoworkingKC is peace of mind.


The Market Commons project was truly a joy to work on. Epoch Developments works tirelessly to reinvent and revitalize Kansas City’s urban core with exciting projects that benefit not only the local residents but also the visitors from surrounding areas. Their team has a clear vision of what Kansas City can and should be – and laser-like focus on. what their role needs to be to best help get there.

Because of this, the Epoch team is incredibly receptive to ideas and shared our team’s passion and excitement every single step of the way. Valaroza has long-since been situated firmly in the neighborhoods Epoch works within, and our team fully recognizes the tremendous value that the city in a while stands to gain from projects like these.

Our team sees projects like these as not only a client to add to our roster, but an incredibly valuable asset to the city we all personally call home. Being able to lend a hand to help these ideas come to life is incredibly rewarding.

We are very excited to watch Market Commons come to life.